Association Management

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Full Service Association Management

From day-to-day management and property maintenance to annual celebrations and coordination of community clubs, we have the resources available to handle the finer details of community association management.

With an emphasis on Financial Management and Quality Assurance, you can expect greater efficiencies, high satisfaction of community members, and increased property values.

Association Management

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We offer our clients a level of service, response time, and open communication seldom encountered in today’s business world. Our clients can count on consistent communication, accurate financials, and an unparalleled level of service.

Here are just a few of the ways we provide proactive association management:

  • Provide Annual Meeting assistance, including facilities arrangement, proper mailing of meeting notice and announcements, and help in securing a quorum
  • Coordinate meeting agenda compilation and distribution
  • Review property conditions and enforce governing documents
  • Solicit competitive bidding for service contracts
  • Hire and supervise on-site personnel and subcontractors
  • Respond promptly to all requests for service or assistance
  • Provide professional recommendations to the Board
  • Assist the Board in the resolution of property owner disputes
  • Perform comprehensive walk-through inspections
  • Maintain records of all contracts, warranties, and other items important to the verification of services performed on the property

Accounting and Financial Management

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We believe that strong financial management and controls help ensure the gains in long-term value for your community.

Our financial services are provided by accountants who stay abreast of the latest governmental, operational, and financial management trends in community association management.

Here are some of the financial services we provide to your Association:

  • Provide personalized financial service to each community
  • Present comprehensive financial reports formatted as you desire, including balance sheets, income statements, general ledgers, accounts payable, check disbursements, and income and expense budgeting
  • Reconcile all accounts, including checking, savings, money market, etc.
  • Prepare and release checks
  • Monitor investment funds
  • Process accounts payable
  • Bill all assessments and track accounts receivable
  • Perform accelerated collection services where authorized
  • Send delinquency notices and violation letters
  • Oversee escrow demands

Quality Assurance

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Our goal is to help increase property values by maintaining a well cared for environment. Whether it is a master association or a smaller neighborhood association, the management company should conduct routine inspections and work with contractors to ensure quality and timely work.

We take the following steps to help ensure a worry-free lifestyle for our owners:

  • Manage the timing of various landscape projects based on the climate and types of plantings
  • Create and implement a preventive maintenance program
  • Schedule and perform maintenance inspections
  • Oversee on-site custodial personnel, landscaping services, and common areas
  • Review property conditions and make improvements where necessary
  • Create an up-to-date owner and renter listing with appropriate contact information
  • Assist with vendor selection for on-site maintenance support
  • Manage maintenance requests, secure timely performance, and track all such histories
  • Communicate with owners about work being performed in their area